Do I need to place an order for cupcakes?

If you need basic cupcakes, you can simply stop by.  We have plenty of cupcakes available to choose from, even if you need 2-3 dozen.  No order necessary.  If you are wanting a specific color icing or a large quantity of a certain flavor, please call ahead.  We do not carry plastic toppers at this time. 

Do you offer custom cakes?

Yes!  We do offer custom cakes, but we need a minimum of 7 days notice for custom orders.  Consultations are preferred to nail down the details of each order.  Otherwise, our standard 8" cakes that we keep on hand daily, that feed 15-20, start at $35 for standard flavors if you need something in a pinch.

Do you offer decorated cookies?

Yes! We also offer decorated cookies!  We do need a 7 days notice for custom work though. 

Do you offer sheet cakes?

In short, no.  There are plenty of other avenues to acquire sheet cakes.

Do you take orders?

We take orders for the items we keep on hand.  You can walk in and choose from our selection, but if you would like to call it in so its ready when you walk in, you can!  With enough notice, 3-4 days, we can add colored icing and slight customization.  We do not take orders for items we do not carry. 

Can I Order Online?

At this time we do not have that capability.  The best way to order is to call it in.  We work in a kitchen, not at a desk, so even catching up on e-mails can be challenging for us.  

Do you offer any other flavors?

When pricing a cake the flavor is a component.  Certain flavors require additional ingredients that contribute to the price.  Standard flavors are included in the starting prices, specialty flavors may incur added costs.  If you don't see the flavor you are looking for, contact us to see if we have added to our repertoire.

Do you deliver?

We partner with www.TexomaDelivery.com to deliver our goods.  

How do I cut a larger cake?

The diagram below demonstrates how to get the desired servings from a cake.