Lauran Fuller

Owner/Cake Designer

     I am the owner of Caked Up!  I grew up loving to bake but wanted my yummy treats to look as good as they tasted.  In 2007 I pursued, a cake decorating class.  With lots of practice and 3 children later, the bakery has been my way to financially contribute to my family while keeping my kids with me.  In 2014 I started Caked Up! as a specialty cake shop.  Since then the business has grown into a dessert storefront that offers a wide variety of sweets.  This transition has shifted the focus to a precarious balance of standard cakes and day-to-day sales.  I aim to offer as much as I can to my customers while balancing my home life.  With a growing family, my time is precious and I strive more than anything to put my family first.  Thank you for your understanding and support of our family focused establishment!